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How do I send emails to members?

VIP Members

To contact other members on NoStringsAttached, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Click on the "Find Members" button located on the top navigation bar.
  3. Enter the username of the member you wish to contact into the "Username Search" field or select your search preferences and click on the "Search Now" button to see your results.
  4. From a member's profile page, click the "Email" button.

Standard members

Standard members can only reply to emails - ten a day from each member. Standard members seeking the ability to initiate email to other members should become a VIP member, which has many other benefits.

Note: When sending or replying to emails, be sure to enter all of the information in the form including the anti-spam number or your message will not transmit.

I'm not getting my password or other emails from NoStringsAttached!

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