MrsDawnMrNorman 58/F "Wife Seeking Adult Fun While Hubby Watches"
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**Please Read Full profile before contacting us. Can not answer messages till we are Gold** \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\**Yes we have had other profiles (HotWifeDawnWcuck) here but things have changed so made new profile** When it comes to sex with others we are into Tease and Denial of him. So at times, we use a Chasity Device to help with the denial. (Yes we tried cuckolding but could not get the right Dynamic going if wanting to know more feel free to ask) Saying the above does not mean hubby is a submissive. As a matter of fact hubby has a strong Dominate/take charge side, but can also allow others to lead at times with the right connection. We are both Bi-Sexual. We base things on a connection we have with a person. But for her to be with a woman there has to be more than Sex. It has to be a friendship also. What we are into: Sex: Seeking male, female, couples or TG/TS/TV for her to enjoy sex with. She is very open to someone she is comfortable with. She also Loves MFM and FMF fun so its a plus if your open to others joining. (Note: when we say MFM or FMF we are talking of her being one the F but the rest being others we meet. As said before sex with others is more a Teases and Denial for him so mostly he does not join much) He may join in at times in some ways (foreplay and toys) but he is not looking to fuck anyone. ======================================== She is 54 yo, 5ft, BBW, wide hips, round ass, belly, long dark hair, and blue eyes. She open-minded and enjoys many things. He is 52 yo, 6ft, BHM, short hair, and hazel eyes. Open-minded and enjoys many things. We hope to find a couple of people for an ongoing thing. Not looking for a one-time thing. Anyone line messages with just Asking us if we are interested or asking us to meet the same day will be ignored. WE NEVER PLAY ALONE! We are a couple and play as a couple! Norman checks the messages all the time. So messages starting out with Hey Babe or such will be ignored as it shows you did not read the profile. Due to all the no shows from this site (We are new to the area, not the site) We have a rule for meeting and that is there must be 2 public social meets Local to us. The 1st one is with just him to make sure the per shows up and he approves of him. Then the 2nd is with both of us to see if She approves. All meets are set up by him. Being polite and respectful goes a long way... Any questions feel free to ask \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\************************************************************** Most common asked questions: Q: Is she into Anal? A: She has not done Anal in a long time but may again with the right person. Q: Is she into BBC? A: She does not base who she meets on Race, but please read the full profile for the 1st B in BBC. Q: Is she into Oral? A: She loves both Giving and Receiving Oral. Q: Is she into Rimming? A: Shes into being Rimmed and open to rimming if the male is freshly showered right then. Q: She into Younger/Older? A: She has age limits that are on the profile. Q: What's her Fave position? A: Doggy Style Q: What Kinks is she into? A: That depends on her mood and how much she likes/trusts someone. But she is very open to most but nothing Sick or Illegal.
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