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Will keep this short and simple. If you want more info just ask. Married (35 years), Older (55), Short (5ft), and BBW (Bigger Woman with bigger belly and butt, wide hips). Female 1/2 of a NoVaCuckoldCouple. We are on G mail also if you saw us there. We are new-ish to VA and looking to make some friends. Male, Female, couples, CDs, TG, etc... As long as we all get along. You mainly need to click with hubby the most. As he likes to see me more with someone he is friends with and hangs out with. We are just reg average everyday people. Not looking for Stuck up, narrow-minded, closed-minded people. Not looking for Barbie or Ken. She loved 3somes. (MFM, MMF, FFM) She is 5ft, BBW, Med hair, blue eyes, and Bi with someone she calls friend (clicks with). He 6ft, BHM, Very short-cut hair, hazel eyes, is a New Bi Bottom (only toys so far). We are open to things. But that does not mean we will jump right into things also. Being a CUCKOLD relationship couple we would want to meet people who have an understanding of what that is. And understands it's a RELATIONSHIP between us and them. Not just a hey let's fuck. So saying that being LOCAL is a MUST. We are Big into Tease and Denial of him. He is locked in chastity and wears panties because I think they look sexy on him. Pics and Video clips will be taken. For tease/denial at-home use. Can wear masks if you are worried about your face being in but we do our best to keep them out. Any Questions feel free to ask. May take time to get our gold but will answer as soon as we can. Yes, we had a profile on here before but something happened to it, and can not access it anymore.
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