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I am a married woman seeking fun with or without my husband. I would love to find a daddy, just the right man to take care of me. If mommy happened to be a part of that, I can't imagine anything more heavenly. And if my husband completed the picture - absolute perfection. But any of those pieces of the puzzle would make me wet and happy. I am looking for someone who can fulfill a fantasy I have had for a very long time. I don't want a one-time playdate, but I'm not asking for a long-term commitment, either. Someone who wants to visit from time to time - just like a daddy would. I want someone who will actually play the role of my daddy - come to dinner, hang out and watch tv, do all the normal things daddies and daughters do. Except this daddy also fucks his sweet little girl - sometimes in front of her husband. Sometimes together with her husband. I would like to sit next to Daddy while we watch tv, just cuddling, then suddenly he pulls me down to lie across his lap, so he can play with my nipples while we keep watching the show, getting me so hot I can barely stand it - but I know better than to beg for more - Daddy will tell me if I can beg for it. Or to be making dinner and have Daddy come up behind me and bend me over, fuck me hard and fast, then go back to what we were doing like nothing had happened. Daddy can do that because I'm his little girl, he can touch me when he wants. He knows I love it. If I could find a daddy who liked having his cock sucked by his new -in-law - who liked forcing his -in-law to do that to show who was the first man of the house - damn. That would just add to my excitement, make me want daddy even more. I have dreamed about finding my daddy for years. I am aching to tell him all my fantasies so he can make them come true. I love to be treated like a - talk dirty to me - I mean REALLY dirty - and I'll lose control completely. But I also want the cuddly part of daddy, before and after. I am NOT seeking a specifically BDSM relationship - some spanking, teasing, things like that from Daddy would always be nice, but that's not the main focus here. I am a perv who gets turned on by the thought of doing it with Daddy. Other relationships are tempting, but at the moment, I am writing this with one hand thinking exclusively of a daddy moment. My Ideal Person: I'm looking for an older daddy, preferably 50-69, but willing to entertain the idea of someone outside that age range - older is better. I can't really describe what I want physically other than to say I'll know it when I see it - there's nothing specific I am seeking, but I'm sure my real Daddy will get me wet the moment I see him. If I don't respond to your email please be patient - but thank you for writing. I get very turned on reading about how you want to be my daddy. Please don't stop...
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